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Our Company's Timeline

1911 - 1990

1990 – 2000

2000 – 2010

2010 - Today

How It All Started

Our company was founded as Island Copy Centre in 1985 by Bob Lloyd. Bob had experience in the duplication business and had worked for Xerox Canada. He was very familiar with their products and felt there was a market for the services these machines provided. He opened his doors at that time and as the business grew he added a few office supplies to his store. In 1991, he continued to increase the inventory he was carrying and began selling product by delivery to a few commercial customers. In 1997, Ehren Madill started working with Bob (his stepfather) and the company moved toward servicing more commercial customers and focused on building this part of the business. In 2001, Ehren purchased the business outright from Bob and changed the name of the business to E. Madill Office Company (later becoming Madill - The Office Company). The company then started servicing as far north as Qualicum Beach, BC and as far South as Duncan, BC. The company continues to grow now servicing Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. Click on the banners above to see more details.

Today nothing is more important than our company culture. We have a great staff and have little turnover. We encourage everyone to show up for work every week day and reward those who do. Being here is expected as we all count on each other to take care of our customers and show them we really do care about being EXCELLENT. Our staff owns over 42% of our company. As of 2024 we have 46 employees and have a 22,000 square foot facility in Ladysmith an 8000 square foot facility in Burnaby, an 8400 square foot facility in Edmonton and a 6000 square foot warehouse in Calgary. We don’t just sell office supplies either. We also sell Ink and Toner, Janitorial Supplies, Coffee, Printing (still), Promotional Products, Rolls for your Point of Sale Machine, and Furniture. Call today so we can show you the difference between us and our competitors.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Our Standards. We really care about giving our customers a great experience. The phone never rings more than twice! Emails need to be replied to within 20 minutes! Make sure the customer can tell by your voice that you are happy to be here. Tell the truth with ETAs. These topics often come up in our staff meetings and we constantly push to embed them in our company culture.

2. Our Pricing. Our catalogue cover says it all 'WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICE!'

3. Our Delivery. Do you ever notice that a lot of delivery people seem indifferent about their work? Not ours. We count on our drivers to help our customers by offering to put their product away, by being professional and well mannered, by helping them with returns, by leaving them with a treat, or with a simple pleasantness about them. Our drivers are reminded again and again that they are the face of our company. If you are doing a job, make a great impression! We really try to. We also have no minimum and don’t charge for delivery.

4. Returns. We see this area of our business as a way to market ourselves. Try and return something to us. You will find us very reasonable. We make returns easy as we pick up the products with our own drivers and issue a credit to you within 1 business day after pick up. We want to show you the difference between our company and our competition.

5. Our availability. You can contact us by phone (the number is in the banner of our website) or email any time. Notice the LIVE CHAT in the bottom right of the screen as another way to contact us. Click on CONTACT US on the bottom left hand side of the screen. You can contact us by simply clicking on the email address (it is not necessary to fill out a form). Having a problem with our company which is not getting resolved? Email Seann Madill at We want to be accessible. We hope to provide you with a small town feel. THIS BUSINESS IS IMPORTANT TO US!